Avoid the Dangers of Hoarding with Our Junk Removal Service

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The mummified copperhead snake found during Kay’s purge.

The TLC documentary television series, Hoarding: Buried Alive, first premiered in 2010 featuring hoarders and how they manage (or hope to manage) their illness. Taking an in-depth look into the past of hoarders and their hoarding habits, the show covers a wide range of scenarios demonstrating some of the detrimental effects hoarding can actually have. Just earlier this year on Hoarding: Buried Alive, during a hoarder purge in the house of compulsive collector Kay, a somewhat terrifying discovery was made: a mummified copperhead snake only feet away from where Kay slept.

Hoarding can initially start off with collecting items of sentimental or other value, which is seemingly harmless. Over time, however, after becoming accustomed to obsessive collecting, hoarders can no longer distinguish between junk and valuable items. Slowly, but surely hoarders will cultivate a breeding ground for disease and pests, like the venomous copperhead snake. To avoid this slow, growing infestation, you should get New York junk removal for your home.

As one of the best waste removal companies, Junk in My Trunk, we not only respect your things, but we also respect the healing process of a compulsive hoarder. For a patient and efficient approach to your hoarder mess, visit our site.

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