Pay for YOUR Junk, Not OUR Dumpster

junk in trunk dumpster sizesThere are those of us whose homes are literally overrun by clutter. We are in desperate need of a clean out! However, there are also those of us who are not full blown hoarders, but still have a good degree of items taking up space and causing mental anguish. Our mess is enough that we cannot do it ourselves, but not enough that we need an entire fleet of dumpsters. The problem with this scenario is that most NY dumpster rental services charge you by the size of the dumpster you need.

So if you have too much stuff for the smallest model, but not nearly enough debris removal needs for the next size dumpster, you still have to pay the flat fee for the larger dumpster. This is not the case with Junk In My Trunk, and it is only one of the ways we have molded our pricing charts to meet your needs.

We charge you by how much room your debris takes up, not the size of the truck we send. This means that even if we send the largest dumpster in our company and you only use half of the available space, you are only charged for the space you used. We understand that sometimes we overestimate how much space our clutter will take up. Or, at the last minute, we decide we simply cannot part with a few of the larger items. We understand and have adapted our price scales to reflect that.

Check out our dumpster sizes today. Take a guess as to which you’ll need and then give us a call.

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