Do You Have a Secret?

secret hoarderAnyone can spot over-the-top hoarders. These are the folks with homes that are impassable, closets that can’t be opened and back injuries that result from years of sleeping on top of their belongings. These are the men and woman who qualify as having a clinical disturbance. These people need professional help, a good dose of love and understanding and a quality New York junk removal company, for sure.

Then there are the sneakier folks. These men and women may have invited you into their homes. They might be friends or family. Often times things look completely put together on the outside. You would never sit at their dining room table and think they are in serious need of junk hauling. These are the people that get away with their disorder and clutter because they are able to fool everyone around them.

But how? Often times these secret hoarders keep one room closed off from others. Or, a closet is simply overrun. Maybe the attic or basement is unusable because of their collection of 400 vintage laundry baskets? These can be the saddest cases because no one rushes to their aide with an intervention. No one sees past the veneer they present.

Does that sound like you? You know if it does. There’s another way. Raise the white flag and let the professionals come and help with a clean-out. Guarantee you will feel better without the secret.

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