Have Fun with Your Old Junk!

You may think getting rid of all of that unwanted junk in your house will be a tedious, boring process. Well, believe it or not, you can actually have a bit of fun with that whole hunk of junk! Take a look at some ways to recycle your old junk without much effort.

Magazines and Newspapers: Chances are you should have dozens of these things lying around your home. With magazines and newspapers, you can glue them onto picture frames to make them more decorative. If the holidays are coming up and you find yourself low on wrapping paper, magazines and newspapers work just as well!

Old Light Bulbs and Florescent Bulbs: There is a small amount of mercury in florescent bulbs which is not good for the environment when simply thrown into the trash. IKEA centers offer recycling for these types of bulbs, and chances are if you’re getting rid of your old junk, you’re looking to buy new furniture at IKEA already.

Eyeglasses: Take them to a local eyeglass store and they’ll be sure to use the spare parts.

If you still have some leftover junk, take a look at our website and we’ll be happy to get rid of it for you!

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