Helping Hoarders Move

Moving is a hassle for anyone. No one relishes the idea of spending weeks sorting through everything they have managed to accumulate over the years, packing what they want to keep and getting rid of the rest. Then there is the actual pain of literally moving everything from one location to another. All of us, at some point or another, have had to fulfill our friendship or familial duty of helping someone along in this process. But, helping a hoarder friend or family member move is a far more complex undertaking than helping the average Joe.

Hoarders develop psychological attachments to their belongings and resist letting go. A little patience and tolerance will be needed, but it can be done. Here are two tips for helping the hoarder in your life move.

Start early and call professionals. This is not a task you can leave to the last minute. There needs to be time to calmly sort through everything before a NY dumpster rental can even be considered. The less rushed this process is, the less anxious the hoarder will be. Once you have made some headway in the sorting process, it is time to call in the professionals. Our New York junk removal company can get the job done more effectively than you and your friends can. Plus, hoarders will appreciate that the job is being taken seriously. We often spell the difference between failure and success. Call us today to get started.

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