Some Subway Stations Are Losing Their Trash Cans

Soon, some New York City subway riders will have to start dealing with a new inconvenience. In some stations, you’ll have to hold on to your dirty tissues, already-read newspapers and magazines, take-out containers, and empty paper coffee cups a little longer. The MTA, which runs the subway system, will be taking the trash cans out of 29 stations on the J and M lines, according to a story in the Daily News.

The MTA wants to lighten its rubbish removal load. The way it is now, they have to remove 40 tons of trash every day from 3,500 trash cans in the subway system. Eleven garbage-collection trains have to travel around the system, getting in the way of regular trains and running into problems when tracks are closed for repairs at night.

The MTA has already run a pilot program where trash cans were removed from 10 stations along various subway lines. MTA reps say the program has been a success and will continue. The new trash-can removal program will start this spring along the J line stations from Broad Street in Manhattan to Jamaica Center-Parsons/Archer in Queens.

When you have waste that is too large to fit in a subway trash can, you have some options. Private waste removal companies, such as JunkInMyTrunk, will haul away large items at your convenience. Meanwhile, though, down in the subways, many riders will be hanging onto their trash with one hand while holding onto a subway pole with the other.

What the NYC Department of Sanitation Won’t Collect

Not many are aware of the types of rubbish removal the New York City Department of Sanitation collects. While it does collect regular trash such as the typical trash bags and those stuffed in trash bins, it also collects “bulk” items. These are items typically too large to be discarded in a bag or container.

The Department of Sanitation describes regular bulk items as, “Large items that are neither 100 percent metal nor predominantly metal (such as mattresses, microwaves, televisions, sofas… etc.).”

The list of bulk items include:

  • Mattresses and box springs
  • Construction debris
  • Carpet/rugs
  • Yard waste and bundled wood

However, that does not mean that everything that falls within those categories is acceptable for the city to collect. In fact, the sanitation department has restrictions for each of these categories.

According to the city’s New York junk removal guidelines, the mattresses and/or box springs must be sealed in plastic, which can be difficult for individuals to do. Non-commercial waste left over from small, do-it-yourself projects is fine for regular bulk collection. But anything left from large projects or from projects in which a contractor was hired will not be collected. Carpets and/or rugs have to be tied in bales no bigger than 4” long or 2” high, as does any wood.

For all of these exceptions, you need JunkInMyTrunk. We are trash removal experts that service Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Long Island, as well as Nassau and Suffolk Counties. We know the laws and are affordable.

The Five Hidden Benefits of Getting Rid of Your Junk

When you decide to get rid of your junk with the help of a company such as JunkinMyTrunk, you will find that there are hidden benefits.

1) You’ll discover lost treasures. As you sift through your junk sorting out what to get rid of, you just might come upon a treasured family heirloom you had forgotten about, or a valuable ring you though you’d lost.

2) Clearing out physical junk helps you clear out mental junk. Your head will feel lighter after you have that giant pile of outdated clothing gone from your closet.

3) You’ll have space to create. You’ll have more space to develop your new passion for scrapbooking or model trains after you clear out the den by calling a furniture removal company.

4) Your load will be lightened. Possessions often end up possessing us. When you have so much junk that they feel like they are burdening you, it’s time to let go. You’ll feel lighter and you’ll be freer.

5) You can stop paying for extra storage. The extra space that you’ll have after you call a waste removal company might surprise you. You may not need to pay that monthly off-site storage fee anymore, and you can put that money right in the bank.

New York junk removal companies take care of rubbish removal as well as furniture removal. Try this method of clearing out your living space. You’ll be glad you did.

Safe Removal of Debris Destroyed by Fire

hoarder sweeping

The emotional and physical losses incurred by fire destruction are devastating and immeasurable. Adding to the stress of losing almost all, if not all, of your most valuable possessions is the mess left behind after a raging fire has destroyed your home or business.

JunkInMyTrunk wants to help you cope with the aftermath of fire damage by offering quick and efficient rubbish removal that other waste removal companies often hesitate to undertake. We understand the importance of removing burnt trash and debris leftover from a fire as soon as possible due to the uncertainty of what kinds of chemical and materials the fire may have affected.

As a premiere New York junk removal company, JunkInMyTrunk will assess the situation by visually documenting what needs to be taken off the property and developing a plan of action with the owners of the property. When they need the assistance of technicials experienced in junk removal Brooklyn residents regularly turn to JunkInMyTrunk for everything from furniture removal and junk car removal to cleaning up burnt-out buildings.

Local authorities will allow you a certain amount of time to bring your property up to code after a fire but waiting until the last minute means you may be given a citation or fined for leaving your property unsafe. For quick rubbish removal NYC residents can depend on JunkInMyTrunk to arrive on time and begin the clean-up process immediately so that fines, citations and other legal issues are avoided.

You have enough to worry about after a fire than to worry about junk removal NYC laws and regulations. Call JunkInMyTrunk today and we will be there–today!

How to Handle a Messy Roommate

Sharing a house, apartment or dorm room conserves costs, but a messy roommate can make life miserable. JunkInMyTrunk has cleaned many a dorm room and apartments in NYC. We know it can be tough to maintain a balance between roommates when one is a neat-freak and the other more easygoing. Here are some suggestions for dealing with an exceedingly messy house or roommate.

Schedule a Time To Talk

Before you explode in anger, it is best to schedule a non-confrontational meeting to discuss your concerns. Your roommate may not be aware of his messy habits and the way they affect you.

Talk About the Mess

During your meeting, resist the temptation to accuse your roommate of being a slob. Focus instead on how the mess makes you feel embarrassed when you invite guests over and how you’re afraid one of you will slip and fall.

Offer Solutions

Along with talking about your concerns, be specific about what areas you want your roommate to keep cleaned up and offer solutions.

  • A chore chart like the one provided by Ohio State University divides your home into sections and gives each of you specific areas to clean each week.
  • Set trash cans in every room.
  • Stick to the chore chart. Yes, it’s not appealing to live in a half-clean-half messy house, but your roommate won’t take you seriously if you clean his section of the house.
  • Schedule a time to clean the house together. The time set aside for both of you to do it together may encourage your roommate to get on board.
  • Agree on consequences. Maybe the person who doesn’t do weekly chores pays extra rent or cooks dinner for a week…

Address Hoarding

If your roommate obsessively collects things and can’t throw anything away, he may suffer from compulsive hoarding syndrome according to the Mayo Clinic. If you think this is the case, broach the subject gently and suggest he or she seek professional assistance.

Find a New Roommate

Despite your best attempts, your roommate may refuse to clean up. Consider finding a new roommate, especially if the house is unsanitary or a fire hazard. Do your research before and try to find out from past roommates if potential new roommates have a ‘messy’ history.

Why You Should Rent a Dumpster to Clean Out Your Garage

Cleaning out a garage can be a big hassle, but there are ways to make it easier. That’s true whether you’re going through your personal belongings or whether you’ve got a business and you’ve stored a lot of things you thought you might need later on. Garages accumulate a lot, including items that seem to just show up. You might not even remember where they came from, yet there they are. Fortunately, you don’t have to live with the clutter. As the experts in garbage removal services, JunkInMyTrunk has years of experience in helping businesses and individuals clean out their homes. Here are several options you can consider to clean out your garage and have space to park your car again!

There are rubbish removal and waste removal companies all around the area. Some of them come and clean things out for you, but that might not be the best choice. After all, you should look through your garage and see if there’s something you really want to keep. By renting a dumpster, you can do that. Only place in it what you want to get rid of, after you’ve made sure it’s not something you want to keep or something you’re going to need. If they’re in good shape and don’t need to go in the dumpster, you might also consider setting some items aside for donation to a worthy charity

Seeing that dumpster can be a great way to remind yourself that it’s time to get rid of some junk, and can also help you narrow down what’s really important to you, what can be donated, and what truly is trash. Once you’ve gone through the whole garage and put all the trash in the dumpster, just have the New York junk removal company that dropped it off come and pick it up again. You’re all done, and you’ll be able to enjoy all that new space in your garage.

Top Five Reasons to use Green Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning your home or commercial property provides a healthy and safe environment to live, work or play. Instead of using conventional cleaning products, however, consider the five top benefits of using green products.

1. Improve the Safety of Your Property

Conventional cleaning products contain chemicals, carcinogens, mutagens, neurotoxins and other ingredients that can be harmful to both your health and the environment. Some of these ingredients have been known to produce headaches, rashes and coughs after high exposure. In fact, cleaning products are the third leading cause of National Capital Poison Center calls.

Thankfully, there is another option. Non-toxic green cleaning products contain no dangerous ingredients. You don’t have to worry about your kids, pets or tenants becoming ill and you will be helping the environment in the process!

2. Know the Ingredients

If you decide to mix your own green cleaning products with recipes from Food Network, you know exactly what’s in them. You can also add aromatic essential oils and vary the proportion of ingredients to suit your needs.

3. Protect the Environment

Most green cleaning products include safe and biodegradable ingredients. They are not made from petroleum and other non-biodegradable and non-renewable products. The production process also uses sustainable manufacturing practices, so you know you’re helping the environment when you clean with green products.

4. Give Back to Others

The manufacturers of many green cleaning products support social and environmental causes. That means you give back too as you buy and use these products.

5. Save Money

The ingredients in green cleaning products work on multiple surfaces. Buy a few supplies that clean every surface instead of purchasing multiple single-surface products.

At JunkInMyTrunk we have been on the green-cleaning bandwagon for a long time. We offer completely green cleaning option that will get your property in shape with out using potentially harmful substances.

How to Purge Your Collections

With his collection of 1,531 board games, Jeff Bauspies holds a Guinness World Record. Do you have a collection of items that might qualify you for a world record? If so, maybe it is time to consider cleaning out some of your things. As junk removal specialist with years of experience helping people to rid their homes and businesses of trash, we understand this is no easy feat. It can be hard to part with things you have collected over the years and that come along with so many memories. But most often the reward is greater. Clearing out things that just take up extra room can be refreshing and, once removed, will provide greater living space and space to properly display your favorite items.

Over the years those of us at JunkInMyTrunk have come up with some tips to help ease the process:

Assess the Purpose of Your Collection

Perhaps your glass figurine collection began with a gift from your Grandma and reminds you of her. You may collect books because you love to read. Maybe your birdhouse collection grows because you can’t resist a good bargain. Identify the purpose of your collection before you begin sorting it.

Decide What to Keep

Spread out your collection carefully and evaluate each piece. If you love, use, want it and have room to display it properly, keep it. Duplicate items, and those you no longer love, should be donated or tossed.

Donate Gently Used Items

Join 70 percent of Americans who donate annually to charity. Knowing that your collectibles are going to a local charity and to someone who can use them makes parting easier.

Toss as Much as Possible

Anything that’s broken should be tossed. A dumpster from a New York junk removal company makes getting rid of junk easier so your home trash cans don’t get overfilled.

Hire a Professional Organizer

The task of clearing out a collection may require more mental stamina than you can manage by yourself. A professional organizer or trusted friend can help you identify why you’re attached to your collection and walk you through the sorting process.

Collections are meant to be displayed and enjoyed. If your collection takes over your house, or if you simply want to get organized, dispose of your collection today. Contact waste removal companies for additional assistance as you make a decision to enjoy the special items you love.


How to Hire an Appraiser for Antiques

Many people resist clearing the clutter out of their home because they believe the items they own are valuable. They may be right. While most items appraised on the popular PBS Show “Antiques Roadshow” are only worth an average of $100, some items have been valued at a much higher rate. Clean out your home with confidence when you hire a qualified antiques appraiser. The appraiser can help you determine the difference between valuable items you’ll want to keep and items you can toss.

Consult Professional Appraisal Organizations

Ideally, someone should see your antiques in person to get an accurate perception, rather than evaluate them online. Find reputable appraisers who will travel to your home and provide an honest value for your items when you contact The Appraisal Foundation or

Interview the Appraiser

Don’t hire someone until you’ve interviewed him or her. Ask to see certification paperwork and verify that they are qualified to asses the type of items you own. Additionally, talk to personal and professional references provided by the applicants.

Discuss Fees

An honest appraiser charges by the hour and bases his or her fee on credentials and qualifications. He or she will not charge a percentage of the appraised items’ value.

Insist on a Detailed Report

After the official appraisal, you want a typed report that includes a physical description of the appraised items and its value. The appraiser must sign the report and include his or her credentials to make the appraisal official.

You don’t have to be on a TV show to receive an accurate antiques appraisal. Instead, hire a professional and evaluate the items in your home. Then, once you have discerned the quality from the garbage you can work on getting a trash removal expert to clean out your home.

JunkInMyTrunk is a New York trash removal expert that provides a wealth of demolition, garbage removal and cleaning services. Visit our website to see what we can do to help clean out your home or business.

A Junk Removal Company Can Haul That Furniture Away for You

It’s great to get beautiful new furniture for your home or business, but hauling away old furniture can be a real hassle. Business owners shouldn’t have to spend a day dragging furniture around when they can be spending it getting crucial business done. Junk removal companies are a cost efficient option for getting your furniture out of the way. The company shows up, picks up the furniture, hauls it away, and you’re done. You can get more than just furniture hauled off too. Waste removal companies are great for reducing the amount of stuff you have sitting around, leaving you with more living or work space.

Junk removal can be particularly problematic for businesses as they accumulate all kinds of files, supplies and other things throughout their life cycle. If you’re finding that problem with your business, it’s probably because of extra office furniture, display cases, shelving, old equipment, and other things you have piling up in a garage, warehouse, or back room. It can also come from products that didn’t get sold or were defective in some way. Instead of just closing the door and looking the other way, you can lift a huge weight off your shoulders by letting a rubbish removal company clear out all that stuff you don’t want anymore.

It can take some time to sort out what’s junk and what isn’t, of course. You might be able to donate some of that furniture and other things you don’t want anymore. Once you’ve cleared all that away and everything that can be used has been taken by local thrift shops, it’s time to call in the company for junk removal and let them clear out the clutter for your business or home. Then you’ll have plenty of usable space again, you can really enjoy your new furniture, and you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to haul any of the old stuff away. It’s a great feeling.

JunkInMyTrunk is a trash removal service in NYC that provides many services including dumpster rental, demolition, cleaning services and more in addition to their garbage removal service.